Quarter Life Crisis

Growing up is tough. I wish I could say no one told me, but they did. It’s just tough in a way I wasn’t expecting. I’ve been experiencing a lot of emotions lately. So, to combat that on my half birthday, I’m going to take the advice my mom always gives me and list the things I’m thankful for.

  1. My friends. I have them. Hell, I have plans tonight. If they are busy, it doesn’t mean they don’t like me. It simply means they have other plans, other plans that I’ve had before and not been able to hang out with them.
  2. My apartment. I live in the cutest little apartment, and I’m so lucky to be in it. Although I occasionally miss having a roommate (partly because I’ve had so many amazing ones), I LOVE living by myself. I love having the temperature set to what I want, I love not feeling guilty if I leave dishes in the sink and I love changing wherever I want (and leaving my clothes there if I want to). No, those aren’t the only things, but I need to be more appreciative of my alone time in my space.
  3. My band. I’m not always thrilled to go to a three-hour rehearsal on a Sunday (especially not when I’m hungover), but I’m incredibly blessed that I’m still involved in music. And I get paid for it! I’d like to start working on more original stuff, so goal number one: Spend less time watching Netflix and more time improving my music.
  4. My mom. I appreciate that she’ll give me honest advice, and, although I don’t always want to hear what she has to say, I know she ultimately just wants me to be incredibly happy.
  5. My independence. I don’t always like being by myself, but I value the fact that I’m not uncomfortable with it. I have no problem with or fear of doing things by myself, and I think that’s something to be proud of.

Of course there are plenty of things I’m thankful for, but sometimes I lose sight of them. And, recently, I’ve lost sight of some of the essential things for which I need to be thankful. Simply making this list has brightened my day because it forces me to reflect on what’s going well in my life. It really does put those things that seem so overwhelming at times into perspective. There’s a lot of good going on in all our lives, and we need to get better at remembering that. As we move into November and the second half of my 25th year, I say: Cheers to being thankful!


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