Being a Grown Up

It’s interesting to reflect on where my life was 5, 10 years ago and then look forward to see where it’s going, and I have nothing but excitement for the future! There are so many goals I have, both short term and long, that I’m looking forward to and working toward achieving. But in recent months, I’ve realized I’m doing pretty well. I was having a conversation with a coworker recently, and she said [in reference to a younger coworker who was getting married], “She has her life together so much more than we do!” To be completely honest, I took some offense to that. Maybe my younger coworker has her life more ‘together’ than the one who said it, but me not getting married at 25 means nothing about having my life together. I live alone in a fabulous little apartment, I’m financially independent, I have job that allows me to live a life I want to live, I’m still singing (and getting a little money for it, whoop!), and, most importantly, I’m happy.

Are there things I’m consistently working on? Of course. Has my life gone the way I thought it would? Eh, kind of. But as I stood in the kitchen the other night cooking dinner and drinking wine with my friend, I realized it…THIS is what being a “grown up” meant to me as a little girl. Of course I at one point (ok, still) thought about being rich and famous, or maybe even becoming a princess, but the things I looked forward to doing when I was grown up? Eating delectable food (that I cooked), drinking incredible drinks and being surrounded by people who laugh with me and whom I love.

I don’t have it all together all the time, and sometimes I feel like my head would fall off if it wasn’t attached, but I’m so incredibly excited to see what is in store for me. And I’m ready to work my ass off to achieve it! Cheers!


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