A Weekend of Love & Happiness


Last weekend started with sunrise yoga in the Rose Garden on Friday morning and continued with two weddings, spending the whole weekend surrounded by love and happiness!

While I was focusing on my breath (and not falling on my face), I found myself smiling – a soft, content smile. There I was, twisted up in some weird yoga pose surrounded by this amazing energy in a gorgeous place, and I felt so blessed. It made me reflect on so many things, but mostly made me feel more present than I’ve felt in a while. Saturday and Sunday provided that same reflection – witnessing two beautiful weddings, being surrounded by so much love. It seems that when things seem to be going completely wrong, I’m reminded of how much love and happiness there is surrounding me all the time. It’s easy to get caught up in what’s going wrong in my life or the world and to forget to be present and see all the good that’s occurring. It’s something I’m always working on, but weekends like this are good to reset everything and look at my life and the world with a fresh set of eyes and remember to approach all situations with love.

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